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How do I know that Hindsight Advantage is the right consulting partner for me?

While it is important to act steadfast against unreliable quality, delayed schedules and low customer satisfaction scores, it is crucial to understand the root cause of this and to implement a sustainable process that cures these symptoms. Hindsight Advantage is a trusted advisor on your journey to deliver with confidence. In certain cases it could be poor coding practices, in other cases it could be a lack of End-to-End test between modules. The list of potential risk factors can be long. We help you diagnose and eliminate the root cause of such obstacles so you can deliver with confidence.

How do you customize your services for niche companies?

We right size our consulting support to what is optimal for our clients. In our initial assessment we provide a wealth of recommendations tailored to your specialty.  Afterwards, it is up to you to decide the best way forward: we can build that capability as a turn key operation or we can help the client build it themselves. For instance, a highly specialized SaaS client needed, based on our assessment, a capability to do just-in-time test automation that would enable frequent and confident delivery. As a result, Hindsight Advantage built a massively parallel test execution framework that creates scores of virtual robots in the cloud on-demand. Each time new code gets checked in, the army of virtual testers complete all testing in 15 minutes or less. This effectively quality gates untested code before it becomes a Release Candidate. This leads to better code with each release. In each engagement we turn complete ownership to our clients as we maximize the value we deliver.

My company is struggling in a changing marketplace. Can you help us stay relevant?

We strongly encourage our clients to adopt managerial frameworks that are successful in the current technological revolution and not the previous ones. In the Age of Software and Digital, will your business dominate and maintain relevance - or will it become a digital relic? Hindsight Advantage exists to help you adapt and thrive.

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